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5 Free Fall Printables to Add to Your Lessons

5 Free Fall Printables to Add to Your Lessons - A Wandering Vine

5 Free Fall Printables to Add to Your Lessons


Add a few pumpkins, scarecrows, and fallen leaves to your learning activities this week with these 5 free fall printables.

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5 Free Fall Printables to Add to Your Lessons - A Wandering Vine

Whether you need to work on math, writing, reading, or vocabulary, Educents has plenty of free resources to make after-school activities fun this season. My son loved these activities and couldn’t wait to get started on them. Download one or ALL of these free fall printables today and use for your next lesson or an after-school activity!

These are all free printables, but if you find anything you want to purchase from Educents, useĀ code CANDYCORN
for Free Shipping through 10/31. Check out theĀ Magic School Bus Science Club or the Fall Blowout Sale for some great deals!

1 Pumpkin Patch: Number to Quantity Match – With this fall-themed math worksheet and card game, students will practice number matching to quantities on ten frames. “Got this and my kids love the graphics, and it gave them good counting and number recognition. Thank you!”

2. Autumn Inference – One mom says, “All 3 of my kids, ages 7-11 enjoyed these. They love playing ‘games’ like this, it takes the chore out of learning for them :-)”

3. Fall Math & Literacy Activities for K-2 – Each page of this resources addresses the math and literacy concepts for kids in Kindergarten to 2nd grade. Activities include addition, reading, graphing, and sight words.

4. Fall Theme Logic Puzzle – Logic puzzles are a great way to challenge kids to work on skills such as deductive reasoning, critical thinking, making inferences, process of elimination and more. Challenge your kids to improve their higher-order thinking skills with this Fall theme grid logic puzzle!

5. Fall Fraction Sort – This is a great resource to use during the fall season or just about any time of the year with students who need help with fractions. It is also a great product to use as an assessment tool to see if students are understanding equivalent fractions in lowest or simplest form or reduced form.

BONUS: DIY Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer – Okay, this freebie isn’t so much for learning… but moms will definitely enjoy this cup of delicious productivity!!!

Do you use printables with your children?


  1. Ima

    These sound very helpful for guardians and teachers
    And that Pumpkin spice coffee creamer sounds perfect for everyone of us
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amy Green

    These are so cute. I have got to print them off later. There are so many fun varieties. I will make sure to have extra copies on hand for rainy-day activities.

  3. Tasheena @ SimplyTasheena.com

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful resources! These are great to have on hand for the kiddos.

  4. Laura

    Thanks for the freebies. I’m a teacher, so this is always useful!

  5. Glenda

    Thank you for sharing these amazing printable with us. So many great learning fun goodies for young kids!

  6. Fatima Zehra

    Thanks for sharing these gems! They look so fun!

  7. jill conyers

    This is a great teaching and learning list of resources. Especially for teachers.

  8. Hey Sharonoox

    Great resource for teachers and parents. I’ll check on this one.

  9. Crystal Gard

    These look like some good resources for parents to print.

  10. Elizabeth O.

    I love printables because they make decorating the house for each season so much easier! It’s really nice of you to give links! Thanks for this list of awesomeness!

  11. Chuck

    These are very helpful for me. Love all of these printables

  12. Nicky

    Great printable sheets for those who can use them!


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