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D is for: Dress-Up

D is for: Dress-Up

Note: This post is part of my Kids’ Activities series for the A to Z Challenge. Read the rest of the posts here.

I’m sure we all remember playing dress-up as kids. What a great way to use your imagination, and even catch a glimpse of your possibilities for the future. My cousins and I used to play “movie” and pretend we were actresses in our grandparents’ motor home.

I have to admit that I’ve amassed quite a collection of dress-up props for my kids. They have dozens of hats, from chef hats to a wizard hat. They can be firefighters, doctors, pirates, and more. They have so much fun dressing up, and even more fun when I dress up, too.

There’s no need to buy anything specific, though. A sheet can become a cape or toga. Slap bracelets can become wrist and ankle “power bands.” A paper towel roll can become a telescope. Just let them use their imaginations!

What was your favorite dress-up costume?



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  1. Olivine Eyes

    I never played dress up as a kid, but sometimes I feel like I’m playing dress up when trying on clothing that’s not petite.


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