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I is for: I-Spy

Note: This post is part of my¬†Kids’ Activities series for the A to Z Challenge. Read the rest of the posts here.

The best thing about I Spy is that you can play anytime, anywhere, without any special supplies. Stuck in traffic? I Spy. Waiting for your order at a restaurant? I Spy. Waiting at the doctor’s office? I Spy. Need some bonding time with your child? I Spy.

My 4-year-old loves it, and we have a lot of fun playing. Sometimes I suggest we play when I notice him getting in a funk. He acts out when we’re in need of quality time, and playing together is the best remedy.

I try to be prepared with activities, such as felt checkers, water painting, books, etc., when we go to restaurants or other places that involve waiting. Sometimes, though, I either forget or it was unplanned. I Spy is perfect for those situations!

What’s your favorite game to play with your kids?

I is for: I-Spy - A Wandering Vine #AtoZChallenge


  1. Malibu Mama Loves

    We LOVE i-spy! Has gotten us thru many a layover and car trip! Keep up the amazing work! Malibu Mama Loves Xx

  2. steph y

    I miss playing this. My daughter thinks she’s too old .

    1. Tiffany (Post author)

      Aww :(. Hopefully, she’ll come around.

  3. Olivine Eyes

    I-spy could be the most boring game in the world, unless you’re trying to prove how smart you are to others.

  4. Amy Green

    My family and I have always loved the I Spy games. My sister especially loves the Haunted House versions that you play on the computer.

    1. Tiffany (Post author)

      Ooh, I haven’t seen those! Fun!


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