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J is for: Jam Session

Note: This post is part of my Kids’ Activities series for the A to Z Challenge. Read the rest of the posts here.

In addition to dress-up props, I have collected many musical instruments for my kids. They have a xylophone, shaker eggs, a hand drum, maracas, and more.

We do family jam sessions and make music. Sometimes we just play the instruments, sometimes we put on music to play to. Sometimes we even sing. It’s not something anyone else would want to listen to, but it’s tons of fun.

Does your family play music together? What’s your favorite instrument to play?


J is for: Jam Session - A Wandering Vine #AtoZChallenge


  1. Sati

    This is great. When my daughter was little we jammed more. Nowadays we just sing together, since her voice is very close to mine, it is nice to harmonize together.

    You’ve reminded me, though, how nice it is to jam, too…must think about that.

    1. tcardenas75 (Post author)

      Singing is fun, too!


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