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N is for: Noodle Necklace

Note: This post is part of my Kids’ Activities series for the A to Z Challenge. Read the rest of the posts here.

I’ve participated in several busy bag exchanges, and one of the busy bags I received contains uncooked pasta shapes. They are in different shapes, and dyed different colors. The bag also contains a string and several plastic cups. The cups are for sorting the different colors and shapes. The string is for practicing hand-eye coordination by making a necklace. Pattern repetition can also be incorporated.

My son loves making necklaces with the noodles, as well as with other things: wooden beads, pipe cleaners, etc.

Have you participated in a busy bag exchange? What was your favorite busy bag activity?



  1. Alana

    I haven’t, but I enjoyed making noodle necklaces when I was young, and shared that craft with my son when he was young, too.

  2. Christine Gaudreau

    I have never participated in a busy bag exchange but it sounds lots of fun. My boys love making noodle necklaces as well!


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