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X is for: X-Ray

When you can’t think of anything to keep the kids busy, take them to the hospital to get x-rays! Just kidding. We’ve been to a few children’s museums with x-ray exhibits. They’re pretty popular with kids, so I checked Amazon for some x-ray sets. We don’t have them yet, but they’re on our wish list. There is a human x-ray set that can be puzzled together to teach about the human body.

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X is for: X-Ray - A Wandering Vine #AtoZChallengeThere is also an animal x-ray set that includes pictures of the animals to match to the corresponding x-ray. An insect x-ray set is similar, with corresponding pictures to match up to the x-rays. Broken bones x-rays are available for the aspiring doctor. I can see my son putting on his doctor coat while examining the x-rays. I just can’t decide whether to start with the human or animal x-rays. I’m leaning toward the animal set because my son is very interested in animals. I just wish I could find a set with a cheetah (one of his favorite animals).

X is for: X-Ray - A Wandering Vine #AtoZChallengeHave your kids examined x-rays? Did they enjoy it? 

X is for: X-Ray - A Wandering Vine #AtoZChallenge

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  1. Lissa Johnston

    What a great technology, but dangerous. There are probably tons of X-rays shown online – maybe look there for the cheetah??

    1. tcardenas75 (Post author)

      Good idea! I wouldn’t be able to print it like a true x-ray, but he’d still love it.


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