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Z is for: Zoo

Z is for: Zoo - A Wandering Vine #AtoZChallenge

When my son was a baby, we were members of the local zoo. We went with a group of friends every Tuesday, which we called “Zoosday.” His favorite part was watching the river otters swim around. I don’t know whether all the time we spent at the zoo has anything to do with it, but now he loves learning about animals.

Now, the nearest zoo is over an hour away, so we’re no longer zoo regulars. We do try to visit zoos when we travel, though. My daughter loved watching the foxes, and both kids kept howling when we saw wolves. We got to feed a giraffe, and it licked my son’s hand. It was definitely an unforgettable experience.

Z is for: Zoo - A Wandering Vine #AtoZChallenge

We like to read the information about the animals, and always learn something new. It’s fun to pick out our favorite animals (my son’s is the cheetah, and mine is the giraffe).

Does your family enjoy the zoo? What’s your favorite zoo animal?

Z is for: Zoo - A Wandering Vine #AtoZChallenge

Note: This post is part of my Kids’ Activities series for the A to Z Challenge. Read the rest of the posts here.


  1. Scarlett Braden

    Congratulations on completing the challenge!
    @ScarlettBraden from
    Frankly Scarlett

  2. Sati

    What a lovely giraffe and cool experience! Bet your kids always remember that one.
    Sati recently posted…Z is for ZenMy Profile

  3. betty

    Zoos are such cool places especially taking young children to them. They always delight in looking at the animals and learning about them. The wonder on their faces too!

    My kids are grown now, but recently became a grandmother right after Valentine’s Day. Looking forward to the time when we’ll be able to take him to the zoo and discover all the wonderful animals there.

    My mom loved giraffes as her favorite animal. I was always partial to the polar bears.

    Congrats on finishing the challenge!


  4. Stephanie

    It’s been awhile since I’ve took my daughter to the zoo.

  5. Amy Green

    I love animals, and I love zoos. It would be too hard to pick one favorite. I probably would be more upset if I didn’t get to see all of them! I went to the zoos in Abilene and Houston, both cities in Texas. Their zoos are both really great!


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